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Tax Audit

Part of the Filer Tax network’s well-known tax offering, Filer Tax Pakistan’s tax auditing services assure corporate stakeholders and private individuals that their tax accounts are being efficiently and responsibly maintained in line with state regulatory requirements.

Tax Due Diligence

When considering the acquisition or merging of a business, it is essential to be aware of the full facts relating to a target entity. While such transactions can deliver huge business advantages and growth potential, there can also be associated risks and threats. Our comprehensive tax due diligence services can provide valuable clarity if this applies to you.

Income Tax Planning and Compliance Services

Due to our international network, we can provide tax advisory and solutions that meet your total tax planning needs – not just the local ones – and maximize the after-tax receipts to the shareholders in the home country.

Corporate Secretarial Services

In Pakistan, each business must meet its legal and financial obligations. But when you are concentrating on essential business operations, it is not unusual to lose sight of all these requirements – particularly those which are subject to change. To ensure ongoing compliance for domestic and foreign businesses, our corporate secretarial services are ready to help.

General Sales Tax (GST) Planning and Compliance Service

In the current public finance and taxation regime, the General Sales Tax (GST) holds significant importance among indirect taxes. The laws governing GST are constantly being updated by becoming more far-reaching and more complex in terms of compliance and its effects on pricing decisions and planning.

Assessment and Appellate Advisory

Preparation and filing of accurate tax return not only allow your finance team to save their time, but it also saves the enterprise from penalties that will easily avoid.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the benefit of being a filer in Pakistan?

Some other benefits are:

A nonfiler can not purchase land costing more than 50 lacs, while a taxpayer can buy any property. For the import of raw materials, a nonfiler has to pay 8% while taxpayers pay 5.5%. The same is the case with export materials; nonfilers pay 9%, and taxpayers pay 6% tax on total export. In the case of bank profits, nonfilers and tax filers pay 20% and 15%, respectively. 

Winning prize money through prize bond percentage differs for filers and nonfilers. Filers must pay 15% tax, while nonfilers must pay 25%. If someone wants to transfer property, he has to pay 1% tax if he is a filer, while nonfilers have to pay 2% tax.

From these points, we can see that filers have more benefits and privileges than nonfilers. 

What does being a tax filer mean?

A filer is a person who files an income tax return, while a nonfiler does not file an income tax return.

Who is eligible to be a filer?

It is important to spread awareness of their duty to pay taxes. For example, if an employee or businessman is making more than RS. 600,000/-, he is eligible to become a tax filer in Pakistan.

What is the difference between a filer and a nonfiler?

According to the Ordinance, a taxpayer whose name appears in the active taxpayer's list issued by the Federal Board of Revenue(FBR) from time to time is a filer, and a 'Non Filer' is a person who is not a filer.

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