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N is a National Tax Number. It is the unique number the Federal Board of Revenue allotted to citizens. Helps to keep tax and sales records. Moreover, NTN is required for property purchase or property sale, bank transactions, automobile purchase or sale, etc.

People have to pay taxes if they have an income in Pakistan. You need NTN to pay your tax. The Federal Board of Revenue has made it easy to pay taxes. For this purpose, it is essential to register yourself in the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) system.

Like all other countries, in Pakistan, you must pay property, sales, or income taxes. For this purpose, you must have a National Tax Number. It can generate from the FBR for a salaried person. However, it is essential to file the tax returns in FBR. 

There are three types of online NTN:

Personal NTN

Personal NTN is established through FBR’s online NTN verification system, and it is issued on the CNIC of the person.

Association of Individuals (AOP) / Partnership:

This type of online NTN is issued on the registration certificates of the AOP. It is always printed on the registration certificates of the AOP.

Company’s NTN:

This company’s NTN is issued to the company. It is verified through FBR’s online NTN verification system and published on the registration certificates. After that, your company must be (company registration)

Steps to get National Tax Number

You must follow some steps to get a National Tax Number (NTN). It requires some documents to complete the process. For a salaried person following are the documents that are needed.

Documents Required for Registration of NTN:

• A valid CNIC copy is required. Moreover, a copy of the recently paid electricity bill for the house, the latest payslip, valid Email addresses, and Contact Numbers, the National Tax Number of the Employer, Office Address, and valid Email address are also required for registration. 

One crucial question people often inquire about is How to check NTN numbers online?

Steps to check NTN by using CNIC:

If you want to check your National Tax Number (NTN) by using your CNIC Number, then follow the steps:

In the first step, visit the FBR website and click on the tab “Search Taxpayers.” Next, click on the tab “NTN Inquiry. “To check the NTN number in Pakistan, you have to click on the “Taxpayer Profile Inquiry” option. Then you have to select the appropriate option from the drop-down. In order to move to the next step, you must provide your “Registration Number” in the registration field. In the CNIC field, provide your “CNIC.” Now provide a captcha against the “Captcha” field. After providing information, click the “Submit” button in the final step.

How to check the NTN number through sms?

If you want to check active NTN status, type: “ATL (space) 7 digits National Tax Number (NTN)” in a message, then sent it to “9966”. 


Following these steps, you can get a National Tax Number (NTN) from FBR Pakistan. You can also get the NTN number through the offline system. For this purpose, you have to hire a Filer Tax consultant to get NTN from FBR. It also requires some documents for obtaining NTN from FBR. This online system makes it more accessible for people to register in Pakistan and get a National Tax Number (NTN).


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 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is NTN Stand for?

NTN stands for National Tax Number(NTN).

How long time required for NTN online registration?

Hope to receive your NTN in a maximum of three working days from the date of application. For issuing NTN to individual taxpayers, the FBR portal provides an online registration service and we can register you in one online session. In the case of issuing NTN of a general company and a limited company, it will be registered in the FBR when its registration in the Trade Register and the SECP is completed.

How many types of NTN online are available?

There are three types of online NTN:

Personal NTN (This kind of online NTN is equipped to individual shoppers).
The partnership of Individuals (AOP) / Partnership. (This type of online NTN is intended for partnership activity between two or more partners.)
Company NTN (This type of online NTN is issued to the company. )


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