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About Filer Tax

Filer Tax is a one-stop solution for all your tax-related issues. Our expert tax consultants have the proper knowledge and experience to solve your problems and provide you with the best possible solutions. 





Filer Tax has a solution for all your tax-related problems. Some of the most common tax consultancy services they are dealing with

Income Tax Return

Sales Tax Registration

Company Registration

WEBOC Registration

Corporate (SECP) Services

Monthly Tax Preparation (FBR)

Internal Audits

Compliance Check

About filer tax firm

About Since 2010

Filer Tax is the only filing portal in Pakistan where you can file your taxes with just a few clicks. Our platform allows you to prepare and submit your taxes in under 20 minutes. Tax is a critical aspect of the economy. It is an essential function of the state required to ensure that public resources are properly used and distributed. This year, we have introduced some changes in the tax system, which will help you get rid of complications and save your time while filing taxes. Our portal aims to provide comprehensive information about income tax, sales tax, federal excise duties and corporate rules so that you can manage your tax affairs in a better way.

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We work in conjunction with you!

We help you to choose the correct business entity for your startup or existing business. Whether you wish to incorporate in Pakistan or form a branch office, we can provide all the necessary services under one roof. We also offer Tax advisory for startups and businesses to guide them in their operational activities and provide consulting services for applicable taxes such as Sales tax, Income tax, Customs duties, and Federal Excise Duty.

We work in conjunction with you!

Why Filer Tax Consultants?


  • Online Tax and Accounting site for both Individuals and Businesses.

  • Reliable Tax Preparation and Accounting site for Pakistani Citizen’sTaxpayers and Businesses.

  • Hassle-Free Tax Preparation and Accounting site for Pakistan Citizen’s Taxpayers and Businesses.

  • We want to create a culture of professionalism.

  • Customer Experience is our number one priority.

  • Help you to prepare your tax return.

  • We are here to provide real-time guidance and support.

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